Disco is a fictional love story about two best friends that from the beginning sees them selves as unconventional and free women. They have no future plans nor visions of sharing their lives in a twosome partnership. They mostly just want to hang out with each other. Listen to 90´s disco music and go out to dance at the club. They feel free and unbound. Celebrating their close friendship. Till one night one of them meets some one for her very special person, which meeting from thereon changes everything. The love story gets unfold through a album of 90´s disco music. Each track represent a scene of love, jealousy or disagreements.

Idea Ellinor Ljungkvist
Choreographed & performed together with Amanda Billberg
Media & photography Anna Ljungkvist
Light Tomas Fridborg & Johan Dahlström

90´s Music album
Leila K - Electric
Blümchen - Für immer und ewig
Corona - Rhythm of the night
Black Box - Dreamland
Snap! - The madman´s return
Basic Element - The ultimate ride
Ace of Base - All that she wants
Robin S - Show me love
Tears & Marble - What is love

Premier at The Theater Martin Mutter Örebro 2016

Thanks to Dance of Örebro Region, Örebro Commune, Theater Martin Mutter & Smart Production House Stockholm for production support.

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