Its political. Who can be on stage. It depends on state funding. It depends on trends. And it depends on what body you have. In a critical duo piece stand-up comedy meets performance art. The collaborative agreement consist of frustration towards ideals. Through statements we perform the struggle we freelance performance artists have to go through to do the work we do. We are constantly judged and unoptional part of a economical and cultural system doomed to fail. Some say we are too many artists - we would say there is too little money!

Performance 2014 - 2016
HZT Dance- & Performance Festival Berlin
Nordlys Festival Copenhagen
Ravnedans Kristiansand
The Fringe Festival Stockholm
P-Noice Festival Manilla, The Philippines

Concept & performance Ellinor Ljungkvist
Monologue & performance Georg Kammrerer

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Photography P-Noice Festival