It´s ok that the hard places don’t seem to know how to melt
It´s ok that the collapsed part don’t know how to find strength

It´s ok that the tiredness creates a duality within
It´s ok with this thirst for more time
It´s ok to want to stop time
It´s ok to be thirsty
It´s ok to be slow
It´s ok to be very slow
It´s ok to let the breath has its own timing

It´s ok to not know what eat
It´s ok to not have a plan
It´s ok to be impulsive
It´s ok to talk about intuition

- Ida Sidenvall, it´s ok manifesto

Concept by Ellinor Ljungkvist - a storytelling and performance piece developed & performed together with Amanda Billberg, Ida Sidenvall, Miranda Wallmon, Sonjis Laine, Francesca Lindén & Julie Rasmussen.

Photography Amanda Asp

Presentation at ÖBKHL Örebro Art Gallery Sweden 2017
Further presentations at The Fringe Festival Stockholm 2018

Supported by Dance of Örebro Region, ÖBKHL Örebro Art Gallery & Smart Production house Stockholm.

Thanks to The Art of Sweden - TAOS and Örebro cultural-night for spreading the word!

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