During a period of six month a group of performers, all women of the same generation, met to speak about the most affecting event in their lives. Without any specific guidelines we openly spoked about living life and aspects of womanly experiences. The conversations lead to a numerous of themes as motherhood, depression, alcohol, jealousy, love and nightmares. By time every body began to formulate these tellings into written statements, stories and manifestos, which was then used as the bases for the potential performative act. In the performance each woman took time to tell her story in composition with the others, meanwhile performing one durational action. The stories unfolded truths about real situations and joined each other in unexpected ways. The performance provoked reactions at the viewer as it was verbally and physically, emotional and real.

The presentation took place at Örebro Art Gallery ÖBKHL in 2017 with hundred of people in the audience. Together with the piece we also released the book TEAR, the collection of all our stories. After the presentation many audience members stayed for after-talks which appeared to become as important as the performance. A year later we performed the piece again at Bångska Våningen in Stockholm.

Concept Ellinor Ljungkvist
Performance Amanda Billberg Ida Sidenvall Miranda Wallmon Sonja-Riitta Laine Francesca Lindén Julie Rasmussen Ellinor Ljungkvist

Fundings & partners
This piece was possible to create because of Dance Örebro Region & Smart Production House Stockholm for production support, Örebro Art Gallery ÖBKHL & The Fringe Festival Stockholm for stage visibility and The Art of Sweden TAOS & Örebro cultural-night for press & pr.

>>> Review of the performance

Photography Amanda Asp