A solo that follows logics and patterns to create new aesthetics. Using exhaustion as a technique for motion. Seeking calmness through tension. Extending the movement throughout the hair. Creating rhythm from physical repetition performed through the breath. Leaving out the space around by framing the stage with lights. Planing the choreographic journey. Always staying low to the ground. Confronting the eye of the other with concrete verses abstract movements to find the fine line. Leaving the associative mind to the other to let them decide what it can become.

Choreography & performance Ellinor Ljungkvist
Photography Anna Ljungkvist

Premier at Veem House Theater Amsterdam 2015

Further performances at Teatermaskinen Riddarhyttan, Doch 11 & Eden Berlin, Tatwerk Berlin, Örebro Art Museum, Nya Teatern Örebro & DOCH Stocholm between 2016 - 2018

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